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The Present and Future of Nutraceuticals

Nutrition: "You've come a long way, baby"
Nutrition: “You’ve come a long way, baby”

With the rising costs of healthcare and a growing awareness of nutrition, nutraceuticals have become a practical option in preventative health. The portmanteau, “nutraceutical”, refers to dietary supplements, nutrients, and balanced diets that can prevent illness and poor health. Market research firm Frost & Sullivan believes that nutraceutical manufacturers can ensure maximum impact of their products by serving the needs of three distinct sectors: children’s health, aging health, and heart health.

1. Childhood obesity is a growing concern in the United States and China, while child malnutrition remains ever-present across the African continent. As the health needs of children run rampant and vary widely, nutraceuticals have the potential to address a diverse range of concerns in the children’s health.

2. Aging presents a plethora of health problems. With rising life expectancies comes an extensive and growing list of associated illnesses, ailments, and general discomforts. In time, nutraceuticals can potentially help standards of health catch up with standards of longevity.

3. Adverse heart conditions are often caused by bad diets, high cholesterol, and unhealthy lifestyles – all of which nutraceuticals can tackle head-on. Heart disease claims millions of lives each year and most of the time it can be prevented. Some nutraceuticals shown to be helpful in promoting heart health include omega-3 and beta-glucan oat.

There are still far more specific issues to explore within each of these sectors. For example, the needs of the aging poor differ greatly from the needs of the aging wealthy. As the health problems of the aging poor stem from malnutrition and limited access to medical care, the health problems of the aging rich are often the result of overeating and stagnant lifestyles. Factors such as social class, ethnicity, lifestyle, dietary choice, and exercise habits will likely assume greater prominence in the conversation as nutraceuticals evolve. More on Frost & Sullivan’s recent report can be seen here.

Customer Testimonial #16

Summer’s almost over, the kids are going back to school, and parents everywhere are about to shift from semi-vacation mode to a whole new set of demands — with little relief on the horizon! And there’s even less relief available to those who suffer from autoimmune diseases, a wide range of inflammatory conditions that never seem to take a break. With Digestacure, people across America are finally finding the help they need to regulate their autoimmune symptoms. As the company behind Digestacure, we at Pristine Nutraceuticals are always happy to hear when our customers have benefited from our all-natural supplements. Here’s one from our friend, Connie, who uses Digestacure to minimize her polymorphic light eruption (PMLE) symptoms:


“I knew if I called we would be on the phone for hours…

On May 26th I was searching the web site for information to help with my PMLE (basically allergic to the sun), came across a web site for Carrot Juice and ended up landing on: Your Master Disease is Auto immunity. On June 4th, I began my journey and journaling…..

My attitude was not very nice. I have a copy of my first message in front of me as I type this email to you. Had I known what I know now and how I feel today, my attitude would have been more kind. Okay, terrific. Yes, I was a skeptic. I was financially skeptical as well as unhealthy.

When my order didn’t go through, I thought it was a sign not to order this product. Then I thought I should call and cancel. However, the sign wasn’t to buy this product but to get in touch with you. God does work in mysterious ways. You gave me even more information on all the complications, problems, products people have attempted to try, surgeries that so many have had done unnecessarily, and most importantly personal information.

How great it was to talk to a person with a pulse and not hit # 9, or # 4 okay, go back to # 3 etc. You didn’t have to put yourself on the line, expose your problems, but you did. Was it for a paycheck? I don’t think so and if it was don’t ever tell me. I like where I am at today. It has been 4 years since I have not FEARED going out for an activity, let alone one that didn’t have a restroom with in a hop, skip and jump. I am amazed because my nickname is Take Back Connie. I think I have floored as well as helped so many people. Floored because I DIDN’T take back the product and floored because I found out soooooooo many more people have issues with their digestive systems. All I can say is “I am an example”. My daughter said “what have you got to lose?”

I didn’t lose — no pun intended — I won. Do I question myself by saying “when will it come back?” Yes. Has it come back? No. Will it come back if I don’t take care of myself, as with any other ailments?

The Digestacure worked in my situation. I take one daily now. I feel good and don’t live in fear like I did. Time, but then time heals all. Thank you for your support all those times I called. Thank you for the encouragement and the stories…

Should anyone ever need a testimony, please feel free to contact me and I will tell them my story. Today is August 2nd, three days away from my birthday, and I feel good. It can only get better from here. Please pass on a thank you for all the other customer service reps that I may have spoken to in the interim.

Most appreciative,


Customer Testimonial #15

We’re rounding the bases of summer here at Pristine Nutraceuticals, but that doesn’t mean it’s over yet! In fact, we’ve been very busy talking to customers and learning the many ways that Digestacure has helped them get through the long summer months, free from pain and inflammation. Here’s a recent testimonial from someone with a litany of autoimmune symptoms, now on the mend, thanks to Digestacure:

“When you’ve been suffering for many years and during that time, tried many remedies, natural and prescription, and even psychotherapy, it begins to become a part of you. Suffering actually takes over, and the constant pain changes you. Mind numbing pain. It was a choice to try this product, I really need to start feeling like a real person again, so I thought I’d go for it and give it a try.

I’ve been taking Digestacure for 42 days now. I am feeling better, and the process is slow and subtle. I’m taking three tablets first thing in the morning with a full glass of water, two in mid day, then three before bedtime. After trying a few different doses and even opening the capsules in my drinking water, I have found that this is what works best for me.

I’ve called and spoken to the customer service people and I have found them to be very kind, very knowledgeable, and genuine. And, we shared some laughs, too.

Thank you for this product, for it has provided me with enough of a change in my pain level and symptoms, that I actually have hope now.

It’s really a wonderful thing to look forward to-getting better, becoming whole and healthy.
Thank you again.

S. O’Connel”

Customer Testimonial #9

My Illness or Diseases: psoriasis

My Symptoms prior to taking Digestaqure:

Other Symptoms or Conditions not listed: itching and tender skin

I have been taking Digestaqure for: 3 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Days

I am currently taking: 8 a day

My Symptoms that has improved: less itching and skin is not nearly as tender

My overall condition has improved: 50%

My most bothersome Symptoms remaining are: some itching