Customer Testimonial #11

I started taking Digestacure on October 28, 2013. I was taking it for the primary reason of healing Wilson’s Syndrome and degenerative joint disease. I had only taken it for one week when I started to notice other physical problems that I hadn’t even thought about it treating…. Was resolving! I had for 8 years, a prolapsed bladder and urgency. I always needed to drink little amts of fluids or be very close to a BR. Well, it’s not that way anymore. I can drink what I want and not be concerned about running to the BR. My bladder is no longer prolapsed. I’ve had trouble with my eyelids swelling for the past 8 years…gone…normal! I’ve had intermittent pain in my mouth where I had root canals done 7 years ago that I would sometimes take Advil for, and that pain is gone! I had bad nerves and anxiety from years of stress, and also had in the past two years developed kind of like a nervous tic, with occasional involuntary movements of my head. Two weeks after I started taking digestacure I noticed that I did not have that anxiety anymore and I even thought the involuntary movements were a little less. Well, they are now gone completely! Last summer I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease. Stiff in am getting out of bed and pain in my back and my neck….gone. I still have minimal stiffness upon getting up in am, but it is so minimal, that I rarely notice it and I imagine with another month on digestacure I won’t even have that. As far as the Wilson’s Syndrome goes, I’ll know the results of what is happening there when I go for my blood test in a few months, but I am looking for that to be normal, and then I will be medicine free!!!

Thank You Digestacure for such a product, that I will continue to take. It sure beats trips to the Doctors….where I havent been going!

A Kennedy